New York Yankees – Greatest Players Of All-Time From The Yankees

We all want to know the greatest players of all times. It is easy to determine them because of the fact that their statistics are soaring high and most of the time they receive awards for it. They do not necessarily need to win lots of games. It will always reflect on their individual performance. Sometimes they are even inducted to the Hall of Fame Just to be recognized and not many players receive this opportunity. You cannot miss the best players of all time because the crowd loves them and the other team tries to read them. In baseball, there were lots of good players and all of them deserve to be recognized.

However, the greatest thing that we can find out is to identify the key players of the team that won most of the titles for the World Series. Not many teams get the opportunity to win as much as 26 World Series Titles. Only one team who can do this and they belong in the Eastern Division of the American League. They have the most titles ever one in this sport and it is not other than the famous New York Yankees.

Yes, there so much about this team that people love. Below are some of their best players of all time:

1. Babe Ruth- He played for this team for fourteen years starting 1920-34. His former team owner sold him out in order to finance a Broadway show. He performed well with the team. It was no doubt because this legend has always been the number one batter in the hearts of the people. His records are outstanding that is why he have helped the team win around seven World Series Titles. This person is now one of the names that you see in the Hall of Fame.

2. Lou Gehrig- He was known as the The Iron Horse. He played for the team for them for 16 years starting 1923-39. He worked hand in hand with Ruth and their statistics were both very competitive. However, his performance declined when he was diagnosed with amyotrophic lateral sclerosis wherein his brain neurons started degenerating as well as the cells of his brain causing him involuntary movements that are not normal. He was the youngest baseball player to join the hall of fame in 1939 (even before he retired). Unfortunately, he died in 1941 with his impending illness

3. Joe DiMaggio- He was one of the anchors of the team when Ruth and Gehrig left. He played for the New York Yankees for 11 years. He helped the team win 9 World Series titles and 3 of those years he was hailed as the MVP. This guy is also one of the Hall of Famers.

These are just few of the baseball players who played for this team and contributed a lot for the Yankees to stay on top. Their track records speak well of how good they were. No wonder this team has been one of the top contenders for all time. If they have all of the batting skills of these players, then probably they will have a chance of bringing home the bacon.

Source by Freddie Brister

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