Brand new Brazilian Butt Lift Workout

One of the most popular new trends in home fitness is the Brazilian Butt Lift Workout. This training routine features a patented workout called the Brazil Butt Lift, created by Leandro Carvalho to raise and firm the bottom.

Leandro Carvalho is the inventor of the Brazil Butt Lift. He is a native of Brazil where women and men are known for their obsession in having a really perfect rounded, high butts and love to show them off. He moved from Brazil to the U.S. to dance and train with a number of of the most famous dance companies in New York City. He found that by combining dance moves he could sculpt the perfect bottom and went on to patent his famous TriAngle training techniques used in his program. He earned degrees in health and fitness and personal training and went on to become a highly sought after personal trainer at the renowned Equinox in New York City. His popular Brazilian Groove class won New York Magazine’s “Best Fitness Class” in New York City. In order to reach more people with his entertaining Brazilian dance fitness moves he introduced a home fitness dvd called the Brazil Butt Lift Workout.

Is the Brazil Butt Lift work out any different than doing conventional squats and lunges to work the bottom? His work out routine brings together both dance techniques and fitness movements to create unique TriAngle training methods. The TriAngle Training method is patented. His distinctive method sculpts and lifts the entire butt by targeting the three sections of the rear end from every conceivable angle to get rapid results. Supermodels from around the globe train with Leandro because of his exceptional ability to sculpt their butts to perfection.

A customized feature of the Brazilian Butt Lift work out is his “Booty-Transformation” program. The plan walks you through how to determine what shape your bottom is currently in. No worries if your butt is a pear shape, too flat, too flabby, or too big. He details out how to figure out your current shape and exactly what to focus on to get the perfect shape.

The Brazil Butt Lift program comes with 3 DVDs that contains five different booty workouts. The first video is a introduction to the “Basics” and teaches the program fundamentals and basic moves and techniques (approx. 20 minutes). This video shows you his secret TriAngle training techniques responsible for the fast results of this program. “Bum Bum” is the first work out and is the Brazilian name for butt. It is thirty-five minutes long and consists of fat shedding cardio together with booty sculpting. The 3rd work out is called “High and Tight” and is thirty-five minutes long. It focuses on sculpting your butt with the resistance bands and is created to focus on stubborn areas. Work out number 4 is called “Sculpt” and is a 50 minute, complete body work out with weights to slim and sculpt all of your body. “Cardio Axe” is the fifth workout in the sequence and is 30 minutes long. This work out features his signature dance move called the “axe” and is effective for fat burning and slimming.

His Brazil Butt Lift workout package also comes with some extras to get going. The “Booty Makeover Guide” is a individualized booty planner that walks you through how to find your present butt shape and provides you with a customized program to follow to achieve the rounded, high, tight butt of your dreams. It walks you thru how to figure out if you have a pear-shaped butt, a flat butt, a flabby butt or just a too big butt and then tells you the best workouts to sculpt your perfect butt. The workout calendar that comes with the guide has areas you can customize and fill in your individualized work out plan to keep you on track. The kit also comes with a Fat Burning Food Guide, a Six-Day Supermodel Slim Down Program, TriAngle Training Workout Cards, a tape measure and measurement tracker card, Booty Resistance Band and a Booty test pencil to help you see your improvement.

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